Calgary native Chad Vangaalan is best known as a genre-bending musician and songwriter with albums released globally on Subpop Records (Flemish Eye in Canada). What many don’t know is he is also an award winning music video director and animator and character designer. We talk about making videos, character design, dream clients, sci-fi, working with Jim Henson Studios, starting a band with his kids, and so much more. This was an extremely entertaining conversation full of F-bombs and hilarity, you’re in for a good time.

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Follow along with the SHOW NOTES below to see images of the projects discussed in this episode.


2:04 – Chad Vangaalen’s discography

3:12 – Format.com interview

5:30 – DREAM CORP trailer

7:00 – T.E.R.R.Y. – played by Stephen Merchant

7:40 – Chad’s original T.E.R.R.Y prototype animation he sent to Jim Henson Studios

9:25 – Chad’s tour of Henson Studios

13:30 – The Cantina on Mos Eisley (Star Wars)

13:50 – more Picard less Riker

16:45 – a few of Chad’s characters he animates

17:09 – Moebius by Jean Giraud


20:27 – A cintiq is a drawing tool connected to your computer that the user can draw directly on to the screen. It mimics illustrating on paper – similar to drawing on an ipad, or as Chad explains… not that similar at all.

24:00 – A process video of Chad drawing (on paper) we found on his instagram.

25:00 – Julia Bring Your Man Home – animated by Chad Vangaalen

25:35 – Corridor video – animated by Chad Vangaalen

30:50 – Sun Ra video – animated by Chad Vangaalen

33:00 – Timber Timbre video – animated by Chad Vangaalen

Winning the Prism Prize

34:34 – Father John Misty video animated by Chad Vangaalen

35:30 – Wintersleep video animated by Mirco Chen and Scott MacDonald

36:00 – METZ video animated by Chad Vangaalen

37:15 – The portion of the signature wall at Sup Pop in Seattle (we weren’t able to find any images of the mutant whale creature Hayden from Metz drew)

38:00 – METZ with Hayden Menzies in the middle.

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39:00 – Dan Deacon video – find Chad Vangaalen’s section between second 30-45
Created by Adult Swim for “Off Air” show.

41:00 – An example of an Exquisite Corpse video – this one for Ricky and Morty

47:00 – Chad and his daughters singing “Static Shape” at home.

Link to www.chadvangaalen.com
Chad’s instagram and facebook

49:15 – The World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener – BUY ONLINE – featuring a gorgeous cover drawn by Chad

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