Dec. 6, 2021

Aaron Draplin is a rock star and enigma in the design world – talent flows from every pour and yet zero pretention. He’s a free flowing fountain of ideas, stories and inspiration… and like the rest of us, he’s also an avid record collector. We’re closing out our first season of conversations with a biggie, our longest episode of the season comes packed full of wild moments from the design highway of Draplin’s brain. He delves into projects he’s worked on, but also digs into his own record collection and even grabs the guitar to strum a few chords of a Canadian classic. Pour up a drink but don’t go for a sip when Draplin is speaking as you never know what he’ll come out with next and you don’t want to spit hot coffee over your brand new Macbook when he drops some hilarious insanity and design bombshells into your ears. 

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