Like the Bruce Wayne of punk rock, Hayden Menzies lives a double life – he’s a visual artist by day, making paintings collected worldwide, or designing record covers, merch and tour posters for bands, while by night trading paint brushes for drum sticks touring the world in his incredibly popular punk band METZ (SubPop Records). His experience as a professional musician has given him insight into making art for music that most never get to experience. We talk about designing records, screen printing posters, directing music videos, growing up in military families and so much more.

Two days before this episode aired, METZ were back on the road for their first tour in nearly two years (due to Covid-19). After their first show, in California, their trailer was stolen with much of their music gear inside. We don’t discuss this incident on the podcast as it was recorded before, but want to send out our heartfelt support to the band as losing all your gear after your first night back at your job is a terrible way to get back to playing music.

Show some love – Buy METZ records and merch here:

US Store – https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/metz

Canadian Store – https://royalmountainrecords.com/collections/metz

EU/UK Store – https://www.musicglue.com/metz

Tour Dates & Tickets – https://www.metzztem.com/live

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0:48 – Full version of METZ’s tune “The Mirror” from their album Atlas Vending. Hayden Menzies is the drummer of METZ. Order this album here.

METZ live – not from their Newfoundland show, but I wasn’t able to find any from their trip here. That said, it looked pretty much like this. :^)

1:25 – the poster Jud bought at METZ’s show at The Ship in St. John’s.


2:00 – gorgeous custom drum beaters Hayden painted for Low Boy Beaters back in 2017.

3:05 – Hayden Menzies

9:30 – Jud’s Christmas present for his Dad (Greg Haynes) in 1998 was a recording session to record three songs his father had written before Jud was born (back around 1970, when Greg was just a kid, maybe around 20 years old). They pulled in three of Greg’s brothers to play on the recordings. This photo is from one of the rehearsals prepping for the recording session. L-R: Jud’s uncle Wayne (guitar), his uncle Art (sax), Jud (bass), his uncle Jud (drums), and his Dad (guitar and vocals). Photo taken by Jud’s sister Jennifer (it was a real family affair).

The song “Why” from this family recording session for those that are curious. Remember, none of us were pro musicians so this is rough, but we had an amazing time and created memories that will last forever.

10:40 – Many of the comic book industries best illustrators cut their teeth on Conan the Barbarian: John Buscema, Neil Adams, Jim Starlin and Marc Silvestri just to name a couple – If Hayden’s brother could micmic these art styles then he had major talent. Definitely runs in the family.

11:30 – Hayden studied Fine Art at Concordia University in Montreal after a stints at Carleton and the Ottawa School of Art.



16:50 – A lot of the earliest examples of cartoon animation were of characters who’se arms, legs and pretty much everything else were usually animated as if they were made of rubber tubing and without elbows or knees. For this reason this art style has become known as Rubber Hose Animation.




25:40 – South African artist William Kentridge

29:30 – Hayden created this incredible 25 layer screen print in Austin Texas with Geoff Peveto at Decoder Ring. Buy it here.

The final print looks incredible!!!

32:00 – clear varnish layer on top

32:50 – Hayden’s art style is perfect for screen printing posters or shirts

34:40 – a corner of Jud and Krista’s art studio, Rehearsals Rehearsals

35:30 – Hayden’s poster for Thurston Moore band

36:18 –

37:50 –

38:20 – Hayden talks about Jay Ryan – he was our guest on episode 3 of this podcast. Check that show out if you haven’t already.


Example of Hayden’s free form tour videos that led to him working with Savak.

43:00 – A screen shot from the moment in METZ’s video “Dry Up” that shows Chris Slorach’s RD bass in pieces.

Chris Slorach (METZ bass player) and his bud Denver Dalley showing off their Gibson RDs – and yet another RD broken at the hands of a killer live show…

And Jud’s RDs – he posted this photo a couple years ago immediately after seeing the one above of Chris and Denver

48:50 – The aliens named below…

50:00 – Check out Hayden’s interview on the Alma Martyr podcast

53:40 – a couple projects Jud has designed for Blue Rodeo

55:50 –

59:10 – Learn more about Hayden Menzies:
On instagram @Hayden_menzies

59:55 – Thanks again to Loel for all the killer drum beats! Learn more about him:
On instagram @loelcampbell

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