The Clash, Sex Pistols, Police, Salt n Pepa, Tracy Chapman, LL Cool J, NWA, LA street gangs, Fashion, underground a, Tracy Chapman, LL Cool J, NWA, LA street gangs, Fashion photography, underground women’s fight clubs, and so much more. Photographer Janette Beckman’s life journey will inspire you. She has spent decades documenting the stories of many of the world’s most iconic bands, creating incredible stories at every turn. We know you’re going to hang on every word from Janette, a guest we expect we’ll have back on the show one day as I’m sure this conversation just scratched the surface on this super talented artist’s journey.

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Follow along with the SHOW NOTES below to see images of the projects discussed in this episode.



4:00 – Sex Pistols photos by Janette Beckman

4:16 – Sex Pistols swearing on live British TV (a move which made them very famous)

4:26 – Steve Jones (The Clash) jumps on stage with The Sex Pistols

4:45 – Melody Maker

5:00 – Johnny (Rotten) Lydon’s house



6:28 – The Specials, 1980

7:00 – Sounds magazine (cover photo by Laura Levine)

7:30 – Siouxsie and The Banshees at The Roundhouse (Janette’s first concert photos)

8:26 – Tommy Sheehan, 1970s

8:26 – Dee Dee Ramone, 1980

10:40 – The Islington Twins

12:00 –

12:50 – The Clash in Italy

17:50 –

18:50 –

21:15 – Roughtrade’s UK store, 80s (photo not taken by Janette)

21:30 – The Raincoats

22:30 – UK’s first hip hop show, 1982
Dondi, Futura, Rammellzee, Fab Five Freddie, and Afrika Bambaataa

23:15 – Legendary grafitti artist FUTURA at UK’s first hip hop show

26:20 – early LL Cool J and RUN DMC shoots

26:30 – Hanging with Salt n Pepa on the street of New York


30:07 – Slick Rick (top) and Rick Rubin


34:20 – “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash

35:40 – Hoyo Maravilla, East LA (buy the book)


39:00 – Echo and the Bunnymen

Boy George



Simply Red

Niles Rodgers



45:10 – On tour with the Go-Gos

Go-Gos with John Bulushi, 1983

46:05 – Blondie

51:00 –

51:45 – NWA

51:45 – Ice Cube (and his Mom)

55:45 – Kieth Haring

– Cey Adams

– Shepard Fairey

– Ian Wright

56:00 –

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59:35 – Rebels book is now available (pick one up for yourself, its amazing!)

1:00:35 – Caroll Spinney (big bird)

1:01:15 – A couple of Janette’s photos from the Indy 500

1:01:45 – Frye Boot campaign featuring John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan

1:01:45 – Street shooting for Levis

1:02:45 – shooting bands for Kangol

1:02:45 – Classic LL Cool J photo

1:04:00 – New York’s Go Hard Boys

1:05:10 – Taken from the back of a pickup truck on the Brickier Expressway

1:07:00 –


1:10:30 – Black Lives Matter protests, 2020

1:12:40 – Women’s March, 2017

1:13:45 – Jose James

1:17:13 – Dior

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1:21:00 – Learn more about Janette Beckman:
Janette’s Instagram

1:21:40 – Learn more about Loel Campbell:
Loel’s Instagram
Wintersleep’s Instagram

Let me close these show notes with a few of Janette’s incredible photos that we love, but weren’t discussed on the podcast. We can’t recommend enough that you go check out more of her work – she has documented decades of music history, its a google rabbit hole you won’t regret.

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