11: Season Finale

Our Season Finale is fun episode featuring feedback from listeners; the announcement of all our contest winners; plus conversations with Bruce Springsteen’s graphic designer MICHELLE HOLME, popular podcaster and Jay Ryan poster collector VISH KHANNA, and the man behind all the drum beats used in our episodes, drummer LOEL CAMPBELL.


1:58 – Check out Roberta Landreth’s gorgeous design

2:21 – Check out Becki Peckham and her partner’s super popular YouTube channel – they own a helicopter and have the best adventures together!

2:48 – Michaela Benoit making another appearance in those show notes she is a fan of. :^)

4:00 – Check out Chris Tompson’s design site

5:00 – Peter Diamond’s work is also amazing!

7:00 – Jon Berg

Link to Durrell’s Facebook page about Jon Berg’s design career: https://www.facebook.com/johnbergfortherecord/

9:30 – Rotoscoping animation. drawing over film/photos to make your animation look more realistic:

11:25 – Neil Young poster illustrated and designed by Jud Haynes

17:40 – Welcome back Michelle Holme!!!

18:15 – Bruce Springsteen’s guitars that Michelle create artwork for. This first one was a collaboration between Bruce and Michelle…

27:10 – Happy Halloween – NYC

29:20 – Follow Michelle Holme on Instagram

30:00 – Jacob Cherwick’s posters from Save Our Stages Festival – Click here to get your own posters (they’re on sale)

Jeffrey Lush picked up one of the posters from The Tragically Hips final tour

31:08 – Check out Zoca Studio’s instagram

31:30 – Rob Jones is a very famous American poster designer and poster curator. He’s a real big personality and a lot of fun. We’re hoping to have him on the show one of these days.

31:45 – Jud’s God Speed You Black Emperor screen print poster by Chicago artist, Dan Grzeca.

33:15 – Alex suggest Doublenaut design for a future episode – they’re work with Bellwood’s Beer is legendary.

Melissa Tobin suggested Pushead for a future episode (who’s art is amazing!)

Ben Nelson suggested design legend Peter Saville

35:30 –

Australian version of ACDC’s High Voltage and UFO’s Stranger In The Night

Bled’s podcast Surprisingly Criterion”

42:45 – Check out Ben Nelson’s art and design – so amazing!

43:20 – Vish Khanna is the host of the podcast Kreative Kontrol.

44:00 – Vish and his family on his birthday – the day we spoke. Happy birthday Vish!

47:45 – The 1998 Jay Ryan poster we talk about

53:30 – Fugazi photos taken by Vish, May 9th, 1998

55:00 – Plaque mounting means that your piece is mounted on a piece of MDF and laminated with a clean bevelled edge creating a very chic and contemporary frameless look. This is great for displaying wall décor, but is unfortunately non-reversible and not a method used to preserve your pieces.

56:00 – Vish bought one of these Touch and Go Records 25th Anniversary posters designed and screen printed by Jay Ryan.

Most people that own the Fugazi/Shellac poster, probably had it framed like this guy:

59:00 – Vish’s plaque-mounted Jay Ryan looks great in the background of all his video calls.

1:02:10 – Vish’s OTHER Fugazi/Shellac poster (which looks like it might also have been plaque-mounted)

A photo of Vish’s poster, hung in his home office

We’ll reach out to all winners this week to get your mailing addresses.

– The Cey Adams book “Definition: The art and design of hip hop” winner is Joannah Seaborn in Nashville
Andrea Vincent, living in the Yukon, has won Chad Vangaalen’s new LP.
– Jay Ryan’s screen print “Here Comes a Riff” is going to Adrienne in Ottawa
– Janette Beckman’s photography chapbook winner is Luke Vast
– The Japanese version of a Friday the 13th poster with GERARD HUERTA type design is going to Nazul Cab in Mexico
– The Michelle Holme designed ACDC deluxe edition is going to Atlanta’s “Rock Girls Talk” podcast hosts
Aaron Awod from Guelph, Ontario has won the Paula Scher designed John Prine LP
Zach Atkinson won the Hayden Menzies shirt. Zach lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick
– Drew Millward’s gorgeous screen print “Hoppypop” is headed to Ben Nelson in Kingston, Ontario
– And Tim and Amanda in Regina have won the Blue Rodeo double LP of Five Days in July

Jud and Tim many moons ago:

1:16:23 – Loel Campbell plays all the beats on the podcast – so excited to get to chat with him on the podcast.

1:18:00 – Burnt Black, a band from the Nova Scotia from ’94 to ’98

1:18:20 – High school photo of Loel, Jud found it on the wall at Loel’s parent’s place in 2003.

1:18:30 – Kary’s album – the sound of beauty breathing

Full stream of Kary’s record:

1:20:30 – Dependent Music was an indie label/collective started by Brian Borcherdt and friends in high school in or around 1994. Around 2000, Loel got involved, and a year or so later Jud came on board.

This 2006 photo (by Chris Smith) includes many of the Dependent family at that time:
Tim D’eon (Wintersleep, Kary, Contrived); Mike Bigelow (Wintersleep, Contrived, Holy Fuck); Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck, Burnt Black, Remains of Brian Borcherdt); Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck); Paul Murphy (Wintersleep, Kary); Mike McNeil (Contrived); Jill Barber; Jud Haynes (Wintersleep); Jon Samuel (Wintersleep, Contrived), Kevin Lynn (Holy Fuck); and Loel Campbell (bottom left – Wintersleep, Kary, Holy Fuck)


Jud playing bass with Bucket Truck around 2000-2001 (studded belt baby!)

“Gasp for Air” from Wintersleep’s 2001 demo that was given to Jud pre-first rehearsal.

1:23:45 – Hayden’s ‘National Skyscraper National Park’ – still an incredible record!

Not long after our conversation, Loel found the original Hayden poster and sent a photo. It’s amazing he still has it – – so cool.


1:25:00 – Jud managed to track down this list of Wintersleep shows after the interview was over and it turns out he played 373 shows with Wintersleep from 2002-2007.

1:26:45 – In 2007 Wintersleep toured through the USA with The Tragically Hip. This group photo was taken just before what would be Jud’s second last show, which no one realized at the time.

1:27:00 – Staggered setup on stage so that no one stood in front of Loel

1:30:45 – Loel playing drums at Massey Hall with Matt Mays back in 2018 (the photo is from their Massey Hall sound check):

1:35:00 – The Burning Hell – Jud’s favourite band. Just the best!!!

In 2012 Jud sat in on bass with The Burning Hell for this live video of “My Name Is Mathias” – click to view

Mathias and Ariel from the Burning Hell – we can’t recommend a band more. Please check out some of their music videos, they’re tunes are the best! And buy their music and merch here.

1:42:07 – CONTRIVED in Halifax, December 16, 2021 – one of the ‘reunion’ shows Loel talked about.

1:43:20 – Loel sent along this photo of Tim in the studio recording guitars for those new CONTRIVED songs, Dec 2021:

1:45:30 – A couple of Jud’s favourite photos from the old Wintersleep touring days

1:47:00 – the poster Jud designed for Hayden a couple years back featuring the subtle reference to the poster on Loel’s wall from Jud’s first Wintersleep’s jam. This poster tells the story of Hayden’s song “Woody” which was all about his cat at that time. Woody would go out every night and Hayden would wonder what he was up to. I’ve posted the song below the poster…

1:47:25 – Dream Serenade is an charity event organized by Hayden Desser and his wife Christie. Posters designed by Jud.

1:50:00 – New pre-amp bought and used for the first time on this episode. This new toy is the first step in making this show sound better and better. :^)

1:54:00 – Jud with his amazing girlfriend Krista a few years ago when their dog Roscoe was still just a pup; screen printing at Jud’s studio with his Dad assisting; and a more recent photo with his Mom and fully grown Roscoe.


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