Dec.13, 2021

We want to hear your questions and stories on Art Design Music. Episode 11 is going to feature listener questions for our guests (or host). Send in your questions and we’ll invite guests back on to answer them — it’s going to a lot of fun!

Ask any of our guests a question:

Have a question for any of our shows guests or for the host that you would like to be asked on air? 

Where possible we’ll invite the guests back to answer your questions and feedback, or Jud Haynes will answer himself if your question is for him.


Tell us your story:

What was the album cover that captured your attention as a child – or which show poster do you have displayed proudly in your dining room so visitors know you were in to the band before they got big? Is there a band that you think always have the best album covers? or a cover that has always confused you? We’d love to your stories and will include our favourites on the show. 

Record Yourself

Record yourself asking the question or telling your story and send it along to artdesignmusicpodcast@gmail.com – you can type your question as well of course, but hearing your voice is way more fun. Be sure to say your name, where you’re from, and who your question is directed at (Jud or a past guest).  

We can’t guarantee that every question will make it on to the podcast, but we’ll fit in as many as possible.


  • Make sure there is no background noise (go somewhere quiet)
  • Speak slowly, clearly, and loudly
  • Keep recordings no longer than 90 seconds (ideally even shorter)
  • Have a listen to your recording before sending, and do it again if you’re not happy with it.
  • Say your name and city/town or country so we know where you’re from
  • If asking a question, please make it clear who your question is for (questions can be for our host Jud Haynes, or any of the Season One guests)

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